Welcome note by Chairman

At the commemoration of this session I welcome the students in Akal Sahaye College of
Education. At the outset, I would urge all students of B.ed course to resolve and excel in
their professional training at this college.

Education plays an important role in life of an individual, society and the nation.
Education, basically is a pillar of knowledge and information, it performs one of the most
important function of creating disciplined and intellectual society. It helps the citizens to
understand their responsibilities and duties towards the family, society and the nation.
All of you who will become trained teachers will bear an immense responsibility to bring
up the students under your umbrage. You will be required to act and guide your students
to reach the highest echelons’ of the education. You will be virtually their godfather and
mentor to develop their careers.

I would like to mention few lines from a famous poetic letter written by Abraham Lincoln
to the teacher of his son. He writes
“Teaching is the mother of all professions. Also, teachers are the torch bearers of
society. They are the pace setters and have to be the role models for their students to
emulate. The most precious heritage of mankind, an innocent child or a budding youth is
entrusted to a teacher and he should mould his students to responsible citizens"

So, you must remember the youth of today are the future leaders and the builders of
the nation tomorrow; therefore you cannot take your responsibility of teaching and
imparting learning lightly.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”

You are fortunate to join "Akal Sahaye College of Education" as this college aims at
a very high standard of both knowledge and teaching. The college has been founded
on the fundamental principles of sound knowledge, excellence in teaching, innovative
methodology and the highest possible standards in the field of education. It therefore
becomes your moral duty to reach the standards set by the college. Lastly, I am sure
you will make this institute proud by your performance and achievements. Needless to
add the faculty will be always at your back and call to guide you when ever you will be
needing their assistance. I must also acknowledge that our faculty ranks among the best
in this region. Once again I wish you good luck and may you all make this profession to
be proud of you.

Harmandeep Singh Waraich