In the beginning of this new session, I well come all the students in Akal Sahaye College of Education. Education is a powerful tool sewing the purpose of equipping the individual with what is necessary to be a productive member of society. In Akal Sahaye College of Education while pursuing B.ed Course you would analyse the scope and purpose of education in an Indian evolving environment, where human needs and duties of a teacher are being constantly redefined. As a result of shrinking distances and faster access to different places, education is becoming increasingly international and as a consequence its challenges and goals are also becoming global in nature.

Improving school quality is an important concern for the teacher. School quality depends on the quality of teachers which in turn depends upon their professional preparation; this fact is duly appreciated at Akal Sahaye College of Education. Pre-service teacher education therefore occupies a critical role in preparing quality teachers. In B.ed course Curriculum and Instructions deals with instructional strategies which need to be acquired by prospective teachers to become effective performers in their classroom settings. Instructional strategies included in the Curriculum do not exhaust the list of the "plethora of pedagogies" which can be used in the classroom. Under the guidance of our laborious and dedicated staff members you will be groomed to use instructional strategies in the best manner.

Education, begins when children are three to five years old. It is where children learn to move and learn in the absence of parental intervention under the guidance of a teacher, children steadily advances classes, until they complete it and move on to secondary schooling. Usually children are placed in classes with one teacher who is primarily responsible for theireducation and welfare, continuing with one teacher and the opportunity to build up close relationship with the classmates is noble feature of education system. This work is a unique in respect that it focuses only on education. B.ed course focuses on over all benefits of education in various directions and will be of great help to you. The college teaching as well as non teaching staff is dedicated to set and achieve the standards required in days of modern education. Lastly, I wish success to all the students and pray that you successfully pass out teacher training programme.

Dr. (Mrs.) Meena Sharma
Phd. (Edu) MA Eng, MA Hindi, M.ed